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You are a leader, a visionary, and a strategic thinker yet you're having trouble finding time leading amidst the HR, the political savviness, and the constant fires.  Who is helping you? You show up every day, but you are juggling dozens of priorities and it's wearing on you, and your reserves are pretty much depleted.  Well to be honest, they may have been depleted a long time ago. That's where a certified leadership coach can help support you and raise your energy consciousness.  

You may be saying to yourself, "this is a amazing opportunity, why am I not more energized and engaged?" Or perhaps you are near the top of your game and want to take it to the next level.   Maybe you just need help sorting it and how to pursue those dreams inside you in the busyness of life to serve your organization, your family, yourself.  As a leadership coach, a Certified Professional Coach, I will help bring out the answers inside you.

Or maybe you have suffered a loss or have gone through one or more major transitions that you had to "keep it together" but you haven't truly grieved it in a healthy way and you're feeling a bit numb. 

Do you feel joy and lightheartedness in your daily life?  Do you desire to have more awareness, feel more spiritual energy and connection, feel it and share it with your team, your family.  You sense, you know that there is something greater, you seek an understanding to it all, that the greater whole of which we are part is cosmic or divine in nature.  You want to find time to incorporate it into your life. Yes, it is all within you and you can discover that too.

No worries. We got this.


Making the first step towards change is often the hardest thing to do.  As an executive coaching service, I am a professional certified coach through the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) trained not only in the core competencies required by the International Coaching Federation, but 160 hours of training and coaching including energy leadership and core energy coaching certifications that empowers higher consciousness coaching.  I assist clients with self discovery that leads them in the direction of their true purpose and goals for themselves and their lives. Purposeful living entails building confidence and empowering clients to imagine and activate their dreams.  This allows an amazing journey of discovery and contentment, with the realization that anything can happen if you can imagine it.  


I don't want my clients to manage stress.  As a leadership coach, I coach using the COR.E Energy Coaching process to get underneath how you show up and why so that awareness can enable you to raise your energy and raise your consciousness to show up in choice no matter what is thrown your way.  I use various tools including the Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Assessment that can serve individual clients, teams, or an organization.  The ELI reveals the filters, or the way we approach life and  how they are influencing our lives.  The ELI uncovers the thinking and perceptions that may create stress and hold us back and learn how to consciously choose how to change it.  

My executive coaching service includes coaching the whole person specializing in life transitions whether career, retirement, loss, divorce, empty nester, moving, or whatever it may be.  I find usually a spiritual journey of some degree accompanies these transitions and finding or rediscovery your purpose is helpful in these times. 

Spiritual life coaching connects clients to their own consciousness, to the greatest aspect of who they are, to their source and greatest power within.  Sometimes miraculous changes within themselves can occur.  All lasting success in life stems from an awareness of our connection to the Divine within us.  Exploring and aligning your goals with your purpose is a transformational experience.   

This is the reason I became a coach:  Service to others to raise consciousness and bring peace and purpose one client at a time. Schedule a free discovery call to start back on your path today.  

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Leadership Coaching ~ Purposeful Transitions 

No matter where you are at on your path, my energy leadership coaching will help you break through what is holding you back and challenge you to focus time on what you really want.  Let's get started.

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